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Junior Church


Junior Church meets during the 10:15am morning service, with the children usually leaving with their leaders during the beggingin of the service.

Children aged up to 5 and including Reception year meet in the Victor Child’s Room.  Parents and carers are welcome to stay to settle their children if they need to before heading back into the church service.  This group enjoys some free play time (just like a toddler group) singing along to action packed worship songs,(you can find these in the Junior Church Music tab) a Bible story and often a craft or activity related to the teaching.

Children in Year 1-6 meet in the Church Hall. They start off altogether for a catch up time, sung worship (again you can find these in the 5-11's link) and an introduction to the story for the day, before splitting into seprate groups, Splash (Years 1-3) and X-Stream (Years 4-6) where they can go into the teaching in more depth and enjoy crafts, games and activities related to it.

All the Junior Church children come back into church at around 11:45am, even if the service has not quite finished.

For babes in arms who may be restless or need a feed, please feel free to take them into in the coffee lounge at the back of the church where the service is relayed through a speaker or join the under 5's group where you will be made welcome.

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